Wednesday, July 27, 2011

There are oodles of posts gestating.

They mostly sort into three categories.

PHILOSOPHIES. I'm fascinated with narratology within the parks, and why it works the way it does. Many opinions will be presented as fact, because life's too short for neutral phrasing.

BRAINSTORMS. They're "brainstorms," not "blue sky thinking," because this blog has a rainbow-colored banner and I'm insecure enough to choose the butch synonym.

RIDE-THROUGHS. I dunno why you've come to Pure Imagineering, but I'm here for new attractions. That said, of all the upcoming posts, the fewest are ride-throughs. It takes a long time to design 'em, it takes even longer to write 'em, and I don't wanna post something until it's worth reading.

All of these will be living documents. Nothing is perfect (especially not my "blueprints"). If the Disney parks can be revised, so can my Fan Fiction.

Stay tuned! I'll have the first walk-through up within the week!

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